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Make a Difference: 

The Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation, Inc. seeks to raise funds and secure donations from individuals and private-sector organizations to support programs and projects not affordable through public funds. Donor support is needed to provide enhanced learning opportunities for students in Milwaukee Public Schools.

The Milwaukee Public Schools (MPS) is the 33rd largest school district in the nation and the largest school district in Wisconsin. MPS is a large urban decentralized school district serving about 82,444 students with over 8,000 educators, administrators and other staff in 200 locations.

Current MPS demographics reflect the following diversity: 56.6% of the students are African-American; 22.6% Hispanic; 11.9% White; 4.8% Asian; 0.8% Native American; and 3.2% other non-White. There are 19.2% of students identified with special education needs and 9.5% of students have limited English proficiency. Nearly 81% of the students are eligible free or reduced price lunch, an indicator of the number of children living in poverty. Individually, 40% of the district's schools have free or reduced lunch rates of 90% or more and nearly 70% of all school sites have free/reduced lunch rates of 80% or more.

The Milwaukee Public Schools knows that quality teaching will result in higher student achievement and that educating students means more than instruction. Children learn and achieve more when they are cared for, when they are safe, and when they have a healthy well-being. Therefore, Milwaukee Public Schools values and encourages strong and true partnerships with parents and all those in the community who influence and affect students and families.

The MPS Foundation has thus far received contributions totaling over $2.2 million and awarded grants totaling $1.7 million to MPS schools and programs (as of November 2009). More than 120 MPS schools or programs have received grant funding or benefited from the Foundation's efforts.

How Your Support Will Make A Difference
Contributions are greatly appreciated and will be used to directly benefit Milwaukee Public Schools – the students, staff, and programs. Donors may direct gifts to the MPS Foundation to support a variety of ongoing programs and/or specify the gift to help ensure funding long into the future.

Donors may choose to designate a gift to match personal giving preferences. Here are specific ways you can help make a difference for MPS students, staff, and schools:

Unrestricted Funds
Donations to the Unrestricted Fund support a variety of projects in Milwaukee Public Schools. The MPS Foundation Board of Directors has set priorities and established primary areas of support for the use of these funds. The following are examples of what the Unrestricted Fund supports:

Student Assistance Programs – Funds student participation in academic and/or athletic state, regional, or national competitions, youth leadership activities, etc.

National Board for Professional Teaching Standards – Supports eligible teachers completing this rigorous National Board Certification process

Teacher Recognition Gala – Helps sponsor the annual teacher recognition gala through the Metropolitan Milwaukee Alliance of Black School Educators

Excellence in Education Awards – The Milwaukee Board of School Directors recognizes outstanding educators for their display of excellence, achievement, and innovation.

And others. . . .

MPS Scholarship Program
A new Milwaukee Public Schools Scholarship program was established in 2009 through a generous anonymous donation to the MPS Foundation. The donor provided seed funding to establish the scholarship program as a show of support for public education in Milwaukee and the state of Wisconsin. Contributions to this fund are welcome and encouraged to sustain the program over time.

In the first year (June 2010 high school graduates) give $5,000 scholarships were awarded students enrolled in the Milwaukee Public Schools to attend a public college or university in the state of Wisconsin. The scholarships may be renewed for up to three years pending successful completion of renewal criteria and availablility of funding.

Visit the scholarships page to donate or apply.

Restricted or Designated Funds
Donors may choose to direct a gift to one or more of the Restricted or Designated Funds established by the Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation, Inc.

(Click here for a list of the Restricted Funds.)

Advised Fund
Donors may choose to support the MPS Foundation’s mission and goals long into the future by directing the gift to the Advised Fund. This fund was established at the Greater Milwaukee Foundation to ensure long-term growth and sustainability to build a lasting charitable endowment. The MPS Foundation Board of Directors shall be the fund advisors to the Advised Fund recommending distributions periodically to help support the mission and goals of the MPS Foundation.

A portion of the resources in the Advised Fund were made in memory of Ann Shansky, who was an elementary school teacher in MPS for 34 years and an advocate of early childhood education. Ann dedicated her life’s work to education and development of children.

Private-Sector Organizations or Foundations
Grants from private-sector organizations or foundations may be made to the MPS Foundation, Inc. designated to support a specific school or program.

Planned Giving
The MPS Foundation would also like to provide opportunities for planned giving, such as a will or listing the MPS Foundation as a beneficiary of an insurance policy. Contact MPS Foundation staff to discuss options.

Other Gifts
Gifts of any amount may be designated to support any Milwaukee Public School or program.

Donate today to the Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation, Inc.
All contributions are tax-deductible.
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