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How to Apply: 

The Milwaukee Public Schools Foundation, Inc. provides grant awards to MPS schools and programs. Organizations and/or programs outside of MPS are not eligible to apply. 

Primary Areas of Support:
Click here for a list of the areas for which the MPS Foundation focuses its support.

Due Date: 
Requests for funding may be submitted on an ongoing basis. (Except for Teacher EXCEL Grant applications. See below.)

Application Format: 
Requests for funding should be submitted in the form of a letter. The letter should be limited to 3 typed pages. Include the following information:

Provide the name of MPS school, program, project submitting request.

List the contact person name, title, address, phone number, email address.

Outline the need for the program/project.

Provide a description of program/project for which funds are being requested. Include:

  1. Purpose of the program/project.
  2. The number and description of the population of students/staff project would affect.
  3. List specific outcomes – what you hope to accomplish from the project.
  4. Outline how you plan to evaluate the project’s success.

Identify the timeline for which the program/project will be implemented.

Provide an itemized budget for the project.

Funding requests will be considered based on resources available.

Click here for information about the Teacher Excel Grant Application guidelines.  


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